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Tunisia's economic and social development which is expressed by a betterment of the Tunisian citizen's standard of living has aroused in the latter a growing quest for good health. To cope with such a need, the average Tunisian is inclined to devote to it a budget likely to attain a relatively important proportion of his income.

The local pharmaceutical industries implanted so far have not been sufficient to cope with the increasing need for medicines ; in 1994, more than 56% of the medicines consumed in Tunisia were imported. Knowing the specificities of the sector, its constraints and difficulties and also knowing its future and results, a group of professionals (University teachers, chemists, doctors and businessmen) having a rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry field and in the world of business, have endeavoured to study the feasibility of a new medicine-making project in the Sfax region. Having concluded that such a project is feasible and profitable, the group has decided to create the GALPHARMA Laboratories.

The general meeting of shareholders took place on the 18th of August 1994 and gave birth to the GALPHARMA Laboratories, a public limited company with a capital of 1,200,000 Dinars, reaching afterwards a capital of 2,000,000 Dinars for a project estimated at 5,000,000 Dinars.

GALPHARMA : a place for the generic medicine :

Manufacturing medicines under licence must correspond to the following :

- Getting one's exclusive supplies in raw materials from licence suppliers at unilaterally fixed costs with no reference to the international prices, which penalizes both the consumer, in so far as the cost price is high, and the state in that it entails an important outflow of currency.

- A territorial clause forbidding the industry operating under licence to export a part of its production.
- Finally, the licence backer can withdraw his authorization at any time with a few months' notice.
Quite aware of the requirements imposed by the multinationals and sure about the scientific level of their staff, the GALPHARMA managerial group have decided to develop the generic medicines while leaving the door open to open-licence manufacture in the hope of finding more clement conditions and innovating medicines by means of manufacturing procedures generating a new technology.

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